Introducing: VSDiagnostics


I am happy to announce the first release of VSDiagnostics! This project is a group of diagnostics meant for Visual Studio 2015 (and up?) which will help the developer adhere to best practices and avoid common pitfalls.

These are a few examples of the scenarios currently supported:

If statements without braces


String.Empty instead of an empty string


ArgumentException that can use nameof()


A catch clause that catches a NullReferenceException


Throwing an empty ArgumentException


Catching Exception without other catch clauses


And many more!

For the full list, take a look at the Github page. If you have a suggestion in mind or you are interested in contributing, let me know: I want this to be a community powered project. I hope this first release already proves helpful to you and I’m eager to hear your feedback and criticism.

How do I use this?

Simply create a new project using Visual Studio 2015 RC and add the NuGet package! If you don’t find it: make sure you’re also looking in the NuGet V2 package source.

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